Saturday, August 27, 2011

~ hakuna matata

i will start this blog and it will be written in order of least importance to most important....begin

my duvet: soo i got a new it...and then the other night i was trying to write my sche on a dry erase mini calendar board...and oh hello this fancy schmancy visable ink marker apparently likes my duvet so it deposits 1 quarter size ink blob onto my duvet along with a nickle and dime sized one too...:( i was suppperrrrr mad until i remembered...A DUVET HAS TWO SIDES YAYYY!!!!

oh me...the eternal optimist (:

work;..i literally sleep at z gallerie....i get off work..i get home i go to bed...i wake up i go to work...i drink a frappachino i get a brain freeze i go back to work...exciting i know...

oh and our AC is out...the week mother nature decides to go on menopause



is not apart of my morning no longer...starting tomorrow morning i am ditching coffee for one week...i would like to eventually wean myself off not ditching caffeine but specifically coffee (:

CALI! is next weekend somewhat excited! :D oh and also! I BOUGHT NEW SOCKS :D!

Dear friends;..i miss you all dearly. Please send me either a text or a message or shoot send me a letter! :D and i would love to have tea with you! (: especially my newly graduated scholars! (: shoot me a message and ill see if i can squeeze you into my currently tight sche!

oh! and most important! sending super good vibes to my sisters!

Galina&Anthony! its almost time for you two to become parents! :D so excited to be an uncle! :D
Tanya&Steven! im so happy the wedding came together so well! and Steven i hope to get to know your family and friends better soon! :D and i cant wait to ride the horses! (:!

thank you all so much for being a crucial part of my everyday life (:

God Bless!

love always


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