Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear World, Friends of FaceBook, and Kailei...this is what i have been up to :)

im soooo sorry! :)

i didnt realize its almost been like 6 weeks! but i have not been just sleeping around and working out...

i have been planning the rest of my life!
and as of now! it will be awesome!

here are some updates!

i will only listen to news not make it good or bad!

i will be happy because hey! im alive! ;) and so are you!

i love my job because i have one even if i only work once a week!

i dont care if you think I'm weird because guess what? i stand out and thats what makes me, me!

i love all of my family and they love me :)

I'm slowly weaning myself off coffee!

i am still planning on studying nursing to become an certified oncologist which if you don't know is a cancer nurse :)

i am still writing music and signing my heart out!

i still walk the walk as i talk the talk...

OH ! and i started this Workout regimen called ZUMBA! :D its pretty much hardcore dancing which make the 40 min or so go by oh so fast!

I still randomly see Tahomies and...most of the time its good to see them!.....
most of the time.....
hahaha :)


i am a pro french madeline baker ;) there freaking delicioso!

i want to go to seattle when my mum decides to purchase a digital camera for me!

for now im living, praying, singing, writing, sleeping, eating, and most important of all! LOVING :D

OH HEY ?! who wants to bake with me :)




Forever in my heart

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